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Yesterday, I stupidly left nolannorths and raiderlara off of a small little post I made honoring some of my closer Tumblr friends. I don’t know how I managed to forget them as they are definitely worthy of a mention. So why don’t y’all do yourselves a favor and follow both Ci and Jan. They are amazingly sweet and both have extraordinary gaming blogs.

Thank you for your time, nerds.


"please don’t try anything st-

"stupid? allI do is stupid.

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Romances in Bioware games take up like 10% of the plot and people act like it’s the only thing that matters in their games. 

funny thing about me and the dodgers…

all my favorite players get traded. I’ve been wary of announcing to people who my favorite players are in the recent past in fear of them getting traded since it’s happened twice in a row (ie: nomar garciaparra, sean green)

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Final Fantasy XIII Characters + Quotes 



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Shadowgreen Cavern
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