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streaming diablo for a bit. come say hi! I have no viewers. ;___;


the ladies and men of S A G A

alana; gwendolyn; hazel; izabel; lying cat; sophie; the stalk

marko; prince robot iv; the will


Imagine your icon singing you to sleep while playing with your hair


 H  U  N  T  E  R  

We have powerful friends. You’re going to regret this.

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Smoke Thrusters is the ability to glide through the air by using smoke. - This power allows gliding over a great distance by shooting smoke and fire out of the hands. It can also be used after the user shoots oneself into the air, gaining more height and the capability to glide much further.

kitten: [hops up on the bed]
me: aw hey kitten what's up
kitten: [lays on my laptop]
me: ok


videogame graphic battle | vs. oldwolfs

round six ► word/s description (Booker Dewitt)

"Alright, you lazy neon gas... go make yourself useful."

Mass Effect + Rainbow for a lovely Anon [ss]


i feel like people only shit on the ALS ice bucket challenge because they’re tired of seeing or hearing about it.  Which is kind of the point of raising awareness.

I’m just so tired of people shitting on the ice bucket challenge in general using things like OH MY GOD THE CALIFORNIA DROUGHT to back them up. what, are we gonna pour the water we use back in the rivers and call it progress? if people want to get mad about wasting water, get mad at bottled water companies, tons of which take water from california springs. the water being used for the ice bucket challenge makes up a tiny portion of the water that’s being wasted and everyone keeps fucking complaining when they can just as easily go buy a damn pur water filter for their faucets and make a REAL difference instead of shitting on charity events.


i couldn't stop. i couldn't--i needed control


Yesterday, I stupidly left nolannorths and raiderlara off of a small little post I made honoring some of my closer Tumblr friends. I don’t know how I managed to forget them as they are definitely worthy of a mention. So why don’t y’all do yourselves a favor and follow both Ci and Jan. They are amazingly sweet and both have extraordinary gaming blogs.

Thank you for your time, nerds.

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